The Benefits of Crossfit

Posted by #jerkywoman on Aug 11th 2022

The Benefits of Crossfit

Why I Started Crossfit

I was recently asked why I post all this stuff with the gym. Pictures of us working out, pictures of others working out and events we atrend. Well, I’m here to clear that up. I started doing crossfit almost 8 years ago after deciding that running could not possibly be the only way to maintain health. The benefits of crossfit were felt almost immediately. I was motivated to keep going, push a little further and come back the next day. That was not a feeling I had felt when running. Those feelings were more like “when can I stop,” “do I have to,” and lots of excuses not to!!

Not long after I started, I told Jerkyman about us flipping tractor tires at my new gym and that was all it took! Jerkyman was naturally strong from years of working outside doing all sorts of farm work but, this was a new challenge for him. He went 100% the first week and couldn’t move for a couple days after. Even though his body hurt, he also recognized the benefits of crossfit right away.

The variety, camaraderie, and results are what we love about crossfit. However, the benefits to me are more tangible. I was able to get off blood pressure medicine within the first year after starting, I’m stronger and have less body fat. As the cliche goes, the decision to start Crossfit was a life changing thing for me! Wanting to learn more and share my own experience led me to take a coach’s course and eventually start coaching at our crossfit gym, King William District Crossfit.

“I coach at our gym because, I love teaching others that there isnt just one way to work out I love seeing someone move a weight they didn’t think they could or do a pull-up for the first time."

We have moved gyms, moved locations and had lots of ups and downs in this adventure. Still, we continue to consistently do crossfit style workouts today and plan to continue them as long as we can pick up a kettlebell! We truly believe that physical health is vitally important for adults in preventing illness, and more importantly, just being happy. Beef jerky is a natural compliment to the Crossfit “lifestyle.” It’s high in protein, low in sugar and a great option before or after workouts That’s why I coach, why we suppport Crossfit and related events and why I’m always posting so many darn gym pictures!!